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  • Location: Upper Arlington, Ohio

B&N led the Northwest Boulevard corridor curb repair and storm sewer design efforts as part of the City of Upper Arlington’s yearly pavement restoration efforts. This road is a busy, four-lane minor arterial within the heart of Upper Arlington was experiencing curb deterioration. The design efforts for this corridor included assessing American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, creating a GIS referenced data inventory for Upper Arlington of the existing facilities in the corridor and identifying the non-compliant facilities to reduce the scope costs. B&N coordinated the new ADA-compliant facilities closely with new signal equipment at major intersections to avoid impacting the new pushbutton facilities and save construction dollars.

A major concern in the corridor was the inadequate sewer system. To address capacity issues and set the stage for an upcoming phase of work, the B&N team inspected, assessed and analyzed the sewer to determine improvements along the Phase I corridor and within the upcoming phase. Using the sewer inspection and assessment, B&N identified portions of the existing sewer that remained in good repair or required minor point repairs and incorporated them into the analysis to reduce the overall construction costs.

Key features include:

  • Significant Drainage Improvements
  • Complete Roadway Reconstruction
  • Extensive MOT Plan
  • Waterline Replacement